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Daily Harmful chemicals Exposure & Green Remedies

16 May 2023 10:52 AM | Gennet Tebebu

On our last column writing of how being green certified partnership lends a hand to the societal well-being we presented the beneficial aspects of green cleaning towards the future position of all green partners of IJCSA.

Today we would like to make elaboration of harmful agents in our daily routines and cleaning operations with some remedial actions pin-point. We have cross referenced to the IJCSA study guideline and chemistry of chemical agents and their effects. At any rate our writing here underscores the real experience we gained and observed and composition of typical chemical agents we get used to conduct our cleaning services. With out any prejudice! We are a small local business enterprise from Washington, DC and trade named as GMJ Facilities.

Let us first introduce you list of chemical agents we normally use in our day to day cleaning service be it at home or work place - Isopropyl alcohol, Methanol for glass cleaners, all purpose cleaners (kerosene in one ingredient), formaldehyde, germicides, spray disinfectants, disinfecting cleaners, disinfecting hand soaps and lotion, et al. These list is by no means exhaustive! Some other less harmless agents like Lysol, fabulous, bleach etc. can not be neglected too.

How these chemical agents affect us on our daily operation has long been detected from their odor, touch, breath, eye sight, and nasal congestion. For instance formaldehyde affects our respiratory intake due to its presence in our cleaning chemical agents. All purpose cleaners and abrasives (use of kerosene) if used out of proportion affects lung tissues. While we do glass cleaning the chemical agent Methanol found in the spray might cause blindness. That is why the IJCSA and its green partners today advocates and harmonizes the concept, standards and use of green cleaning mechanisms to reduce the risk of potential hazardous chemical agents.

In a nut shell, we are aware of harmful effects of these chemical agents and paving way forward to green air freshen options, basic green cleaning agents for our cleaning services and use of natural window/glass cleaner. We keep on learning to green certification and take advantage of the facets for the successful implementation of green cleaning.

GMJ Facilities


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