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Planning Green Cleaning Ahead

08 May 2023 10:19 AM | Gennet Tebebu

GMJ Facilities LLC currently provides cleaning and janitorial especially enhanced environmental cleaning to the DMV area clients - both governmental and private institutions. We employ knowledgeable Team with equipped logistics of non-harmful and odorless chemicals, materials and supplies to discharge our service obligations. So far we implemented IJCSA hazardous chemicals guidelines and composition of safety cleaning practices to our business. Here we go! We plan 'Green Cleaning' to the next level of service.

GMJ Facilities is now moving forward to orient itself with green cleaning as its milestone to meet business needs of our current and future clients. GMJ's management fully understands using green, eco-friendly cleaning products can improve the air quality, reduce health and environmental concerns and sets the standards for environmentally responsible behavior.

To implement a green cleaning service program, GMJ sets out the following action plans.

1. Engage IJCSA's green cleaning certification program for the management staff.

2. Conduct training to the cleaning staff company wide with the use of environmental friendly chemical, equipment handling, and cleaning procedures - with green cleaning schemes.

3. Implement the green cleaning plan based on IJCSA's guidelines through introduction of green cleaning services to our clients.

GMJ trusts green cleaning is the right business practice to the modern world and brings forth multi faceted benefits to the society at large. 


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