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How Important are Janitors and Janatorial Staff to daily life.

01 Jun 2023 5:31 PM | JAMI MARTIN

     Janitors and cleaning staff are an important part of our daily life. This aspect of operations is very easy to go unnoticed. Most of us will show up to a business and never think of what goes on behind the scenes to make it possible to keep an establishment clean and operational on a daily basis.

     Janitors can be responsible for a number of responsibilities. Most of us can think of the main job duties very easily. These may include sweeping and mopping, changing trash, or cleaning and dusting. However, it is normally much more than that. Janitors often times have an extensive working knowledge of the entire building and what is needed to keep it operational and safe. This may include operating alarm systems, safety patrolling, operating of building machinery including hot water systems, and heating and cooling systems. 

     One place to find a skilled directory of certified Janitors would be on the International Janitorial Cleaning Association website. It can be found at  International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association - Janitorial Services Directory ( The businesses listed with the I.J.C.S.A have all been certified through industry accepted training covering all aspects of janitorial services and safety procedures. Members of IJCSA have access to the latest in industry information including updated OSHA standards and guidelines. 


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