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Don't let Bloodborne Pathogens Put You or Your Employees at Risk.

08 Jun 2023 7:40 AM | Elizabeth Fernandes

It is estimated that 5.6 million workers are at risk of Bloodborne Pathogen exposure. In order to mitigate and protect those in the field, OSHA has developed the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard. Bodily fluids may contain microorganisms that spread infectious disease, and therefore all bodily fluid, laundry, garbage or OPIM must be handled by this standard. The Bloodborne Pathogen Standard is a protocol in which all potentially infectious material is treated as infectious, and protocols are met to ensure safe handling, disposal and sanitation.

All cleaning or janitorial staff must be informed on the many ways to protect themselves and others when it comes to Bloodborne Pathogens to reduce the risk of spreading infectious disease such as HBV, HCV, HIV and AIDs. Not following the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard and exposure protocols can result in any of the aforementioned diseases which are very serious and can be deadly.

So remember, always wear gloves when there is a risk of pathogens, and wash your hands as soon as PPE is removed. Never eat, drink, chew gum, apply make-up or lip gloss or ChapStick in an area that may expose you to pathogens. Not only is it dangerous to ignore these practices set in place for your safety, but it is against the law. Be sure that you, your company and its employees are all compliant with these OSHA standards for the safety of those you serve and employ.


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