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Training and proper handling of Bloodborne Pathogens

06 Mar 2023 11:42 PM | Nicole Crossett

The top importance at any job is safety. Following the proper protocols and procedures when it comes to contaminated areas that involve bloodborne pathogens is a must for the safety of everyone involved. The mishandling of the clean up may cause illness including HBV or HIV.  

Along with the proper training on how to handle the disinfected areas caused by blood borne pathogens also include wearing the correct PPE and the use of the correct disinfectant. PPE may include safety glasses, gloves, full body apron & shoe covers.Disinfectant may include the use of Betco cleaning products.

All items that are used for the clean up of any liquids must be treated as contaminated and exposed properly. Color coding items such as rags, bags and sponges are a great way to keep track of what item were used for what type of clean up.


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