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The Importance of being knowledgeable about blood borne pathogens

06 Mar 2023 9:28 PM | Kescia Turner

Blood Borne pathogen and needlestick protocol is so very important for myself and my employees to know; because we can't assume that the staff member of the medical facilities that we service are always on their "A Game" 

I had an incident in 2022 where one of my employees was cleaning a lab; during trash service, he was pricked by a needle that was improperly disposed of in the regular trash.  So, I would add that trash bags should be inspected while doing trash service to ensure that there are no needles sticking out of the trash bag along with not pushing down on trash.

This education is so very valuable as it helps raise awareness while providing us with information that enables us to put protocols in place to address communication, policy, and procedures. 


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