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Why customer service is important

28 Feb 2023 12:43 PM | Valentin Morales

Customer service is important in the Janitoral/Custdoial bussiness because it helps you get along better with a client or anywhere you work. It helps you if they have a problem and you could try to help them with their problem with great customer service.Always greet the client when they go up to you and ask if they have any problems that you could help them with always smile and have good eye contact with them so they know that they are being heard with their problem.

After hearing the client with their problem create solutions on how you could help them and empathize the client so they know that you are trying to help them with whatever they needed.Create solutions that they will like and make sure they understand what you are gonna do to help them and to see if they are ok with the solutions you came up.Once all that is done and everything is settle follow up with the client so they know that you care for them and their problem. You could follow up with them with a phone call,email, or send them coupons or deals that you have to make them feel better. If you do that they would feel appreciated and they could bring in more business to you job by telling their friends, family, or coworkers of ho good cutomer service they recieved.


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