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17 Jan 2023 1:26 AM | Deleted user

he benefits of implementing a mold program in my business is very important because not many people know how to attack a mold problem, let alone know how to do it properly and in a safe manner. Not many people know that mold can be deadly if not handled properly. That is where Fox Bio-Recovery and Restoration Services come in. Helping to address all forms of mold, the environment the mold is thriving in and ways to remediate and banish all future mold infestations. But once the mold has been identified, removed and occupied space remediated, there is always something left behind. That is clients who are uneducated on the different types and effects mold can have on a structure and most important the health of the individuals within the space. Educating these clients on mold and ways to prevent it is the most important part of our job. Without this knowledge, there will be a reoccurrence of the mold and that is what we don’t want. We want our clients to have all the tools that they need to be successful once our part of the job is complete.


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