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Knowledge Is Power

30 Jan 2023 4:52 PM | Chris White

Anyone old enough to remember when a t.v. was almost as long as your sofa in the living room. Who would have ever thought a television would one day hang like a picture frame on the wall. Well thats kinda like what IJCSA is doing here for us and our employees. Making us take something that is working and making it work better, then take that something and make it work better than that. 

First impression is sometimes the only chance you get. The customer service certification help deliver that message to staff members. Understanding that the customer service can play a strong part in the longevity of a company existence.  Nobody ever returns to a restaurant with distasteful food and before long if something does not change it will be of non existence.

Lets share the spotlight on ourselves just a little bit. Their are a few things that we are graded on that we may never notice in the world of customer service and that our over all appearance. Being well groomed, clean uniforms, keeping a smile is the message we hear in this certification. Customer will always gravitate to the company that (LOOKS) like they know what they are doing.

IJCSA shows managers how to lead by example and stepping in and defusing a potential bomb. If staff see management demonstrating great customer service it is much easier for staff to follow the leader.

At the end of the day whether we like it or not customers are the bread and butter of the business. Without them there is no business or payroll or HR , secretaries etc. Taking this course from IJCSA and applying it to the everyday practice of our existing services could help us day by day get the T.V off the floor and Hang it on the Wall. 


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