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Bloodborne Pathogen

27 Nov 2022 8:49 PM | Lauren A Mcmillion

It is imperative that any person in the cleaning industry is aware of the potential risk you face. You can be exposed to bodily fluids at any given time, and it is important that you as the cleaner knows the proper precautions and procedures to take when a situation occurs. You as the cleaner and any other potential employees should always maintain the proper training and regulations that are in place to protect not only you, but your staff and others.

Bloodborne pathogens are present in human blood and can cause disease in humans. These pathogens include but are not limited to, Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) and Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) (associated with AIDS). It is imperative that any employee uses the proper universal precautions to minimize the risk of infection. Always follow the proper practices that are set in place. Always assume that all bodily fluids are contaminated with bloodborne pathogens. Wear the appropriate personal protective equipment such as, gloves, glasses, and any other PPE needed to protect yourself and others. Also use the appropriate disinfectants to clean the area or surfaces that were contaminated.

As explained in the beginning you can be potentially exposed to bloodborne pathogens at any given time during a clean. If this incident occurs, it is important that you follow the proper steps in taking care of this matter. Immediately notify a supervisor in charge to report the incident. The exposed person needs to immediately notify their healthcare provider and be properly treated. If you or a supervisor are unaware of the proper protocol refer to the OSHA handbook, website or phone number. Any employer should always have an OSHA exposure control plan in place.


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