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 International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association

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Providing Good Customer Services

18 Nov 2022 1:46 PM | Deleted user

  Providing a good customer service is vital to your business. There are thousands of businesses that all offer the same types of products and services. With most competing brands that offer the same products and services, it's usually the quality of customer service that can make the difference for consumer's. What does great customer service intel? 

  • Be aware of the things every customer wants
  • Empathize with your customers
  • Create solutions for your clients' issues
  • Clarify the situation with the client
  • Follow up with all your customers    

These are essential to keeping happy customers and growing your janitorial or cleaning business. 

IJCSA has provided me the essential tools to educate me with and prepare me for all I need in my janitorial company. With IJCSA affordable costs and many resources, most my needs are met in 1 place. I feel IJCSA make members their priority and that customer services are just as important to them as it is to me.

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