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Green Cleaning 5

12 Sep 2022 5:06 PM | Akef Witt

With all of the harsh chemicals being used in today's cleaning industry you just have to question, how clean is the water? Everyday millions of professionals use harsh chemicals and compounds to remove certain problems that natural cleaners can also remove. The only problem is Time.

Time is important because of the overall price of the job. You may have to let disinfectants sit a bit longer to do its job and that matters when pricing. Even though this is the ideal cleaning technique because it saves the environment, but it actually reduces risk of hazardous chemicals in your body and your staff.

Being Green certified is really good because you now have the understanding of what chemicals do to the environment and to your health. You also have the understanding of natural solutions to clean and polish and also to eliminate mold and other harsh wax build up naturally. Having this skill can help you help others also protect the environment to build a better future for the world.

Being Green certified is good for the company because you have the skill to meet a customer's needs if asked to do so. You should also always use this method when handling schools or nursery to prevent reactants from children. It's always ideal to know that you don't always have to use harsh chemicals and sometimes the substitutes are just as powerful but ecofriendly.


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