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Staff Knowledge of Bloodborne Pathogens

21 Sep 2022 1:55 PM | Marcus Gray

In my current job (Maintenance - Janitorial/Custodial), I find that having knowledge of a lot of things can be tedious, but working with bodily fluids, even blood, to be essential to protect myself and others.

Wearing PPE is a must, as well as being able to use disinfectants and antiseptics. My job requires all employees to learn about bloodborne pathogens to make sure everyone is safe, and it's constantly reported, as we don't want someone getting something like HBV, HCV, or HIV.

I find it extremely important, not just only as a safety precaution for myself, but my partner as well as they are immunocompromised, but so that way they protect themselves as well, and we can determine what happened. Without such, the spread of certain things would potentially be much greater and could cause harm outside of our workplace.


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