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The Harmful Effects of Using Everyday Cleaning Chemicals Compared to Using Natural Green Products

06 Sep 2022 1:47 PM | David Sartin

The harmful effects of chemical cleaners on the human body is well researched and documented. Their harsh effects on the environment are really just recently being disclosed fully hence the strong push to use green cleaning methods and products that have very little or no harm at all on the environment and the many ecosystems that we heavily rely to survive.

For years we have known that these harsh chemicals have had terrible effects on our bodies ranging from central nervous system issues all the way down the line to causing multiple forms of cancer. The push to make all of this information available to the public so that we can make strides to protect ourselves has not been given enough attention until recently. Even with proper protections in place these chemicals can still cause harm to us ( through several routes of unintended and, often times, unconscious means. Now that the information is widely available, as we begin to be more conscious of the many problems they create, we are seeing greater care being taken in their use and a strong initiative to abolish these products altogether in favor of sustainable certified organic and green cleaning agents.

As if harshly damaging our bodies was not enough for us, we are starting to see the devastating effects that these toxic chemicals have on the environment we live in ( ). From killing animals crucial to the balancing of nature to poisoning the water sheds and systems. These chemicals have polluted our air, water, and even our food. Though we are gaining ground on disposing of these menacing chemicals we still have much to do. 

The introduction of green cleaning and green cleaning methods have given us a vital element in the fight to regain our health and the reclamation of our environment however, it is not yet complete. Education on these chemicals and their purpose still need wide attention. That is one of the primary reasons organizations such as the International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association (IJCSA) offer training and certification in these important areas.

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