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How Being Green Cleaning Certified Will Benefit Me

07 Sep 2022 9:46 PM | David Sartin

It is no secret that green cleaning techniques and products are much more environmentally friendly and that organizations such as the IJCSA have not only embraced this but have gone so far as to keep directories that allow those service providers to be easily found by the general public such as our own directory found at There is also no mystery to how it can make a positive impact on both your business and your personal/family life. There are many advantages green products have over traditional chemical cleaners.

The first advantage is for the environment. Though it seems difficult to grasp from time to time, humans are not the only living beings on this planet. We share this space with other animals and organisms. Using green cleaning products and techniques has been proven to reduce the carbon footprint and drastically reduce the irreparable harm to our environment that traditional cleaners cause.

While maintaining and managing the environment is of significant value to the planet's future, we can not look away from what using green techniques and products do for our individual and family health. Traditional cleaners have been made with harsh chemicals and caustics that have given rise to many a respiratory problem. So one of the best ways green cleaning has improved our health is by improving the quality of the air we breathe and eliminating the toxins that have enriched systemic health problems like asthma. There are still steps we have to take to completely rid ourselves of these terrible diseases but going green is the first step in making the transition easier.

So, going green not only protects you and the ones you love but, it also protects the ecosystems and organisms that we depend on daily to survive. Keeping these systems healthy not only ensures our continued survival but it is essential in making sure our children and grandchildren have the same opportunities as they grown and develop.


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