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How you plan to implement a carpet cleaning program into your business, or the benefits of having your carpet or rugs cleaned by certified IJCSA members.

17 Jul 2022 10:58 AM | William Green

The way I plan on having implementing a carpet cleaning plan is by having a three step process. The three step plan includes daily, intermediate, and deep cleaning. These three step helps the customer save money and shows charisma.

The daily cleaning process consist of daily vacuuming. If you are not able to have it done daily then as much as possible weekly. Second step includes "spin bonneting". A spin bonnet is usually used to to remove soil from top portion of the carpet. Spin bonneting is conducted quarterly. Last step is deep cleaning which is done annually. Deep cleaning is exactly what the name cartels. Deep cleaning gets down deep into the carpet pulling dirt and soil from within. This is done wall to wall to ensure a complete clean.


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