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How to Implement Medical Cleaning into Other Residential and Commercial Cleanings

13 Jul 2022 11:07 PM | Kaydence McKnight

There are a multitude of places and situations outside of the healthcare setting that may call for medical cleaning practices. Germs and bacteria are everywhere, not just in hospitals. You could need to clean up bodily fluids in a school or office which would call for medical cleaning practices. There are many situations like this such as someone bleeding from a wound, someone vomiting in a classroom, and if someone were to become ill in the work area. All of these issues require medical cleaning and knowledge of disease prevention.

You can implement these medical cleaning practices into other non-healthcare setting by using the proper PPE like gloves, goggles, and masks, as well as making sure you're using the appropriate cleaners to disinfect surfaces. When a situation calls for medical cleaning outside of healthcare settings, its imperative that the cleaning staff is educated on infection control, universal precautions, and post exposure management in order to keep the public safe from any potentially infectious materials. Regular everyday people would not know how to handle bodily fluids safely or how to dispose of toxic waste, so its important that educated cleaning staff takes care of any potential disease risks. 

Following OSHA's disease prevention and infection control policies when cleaning up medical situations will greatly decrease the risk of a public disease outbreak. When medical situations are cleaned and disinfected properly, the public stays safe and there is less of a worry about spreading illnesses. If you are tasked with a cleaning job that requires medical cleaning practices, make sure you take all the necessary precautions as well as follow good hand hygiene protocols. IJCSA offers extensive training courses on medical cleaning which can greatly help you learn how to keep yourself and the public safe. You can also find an IJCSA certified medical cleaning service on the Janitorial Services Directory.

Another way to implement medical cleaning practices into non-healthcare settings is to always have good hand hygiene and disinfect everything you touch or use. While you may not be able to clean every single thing or surface you touch, you definitely can wash your hands frequently and disinfect your personal belongings. If you use PPE or equipment while cleaning, remember to dispose of it properly and to disinfect any reusable equipment after using it. Doing these simple practices will greatly reduce the amount of illnesses spread in the public and help keep the world a healthier place.


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