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The benefits of having your carpets cleaned by a IJCSA Certified Professional.

27 Jun 2022 2:08 AM | Robert&Tammy Harris

  Does using a Rug Doctor yourself take the place of a professional? Simply a resounding, No! There isn't a store bought or store rental that can take the place of a professional cleaning.

  So many of us never like to read owners manuals, terms and conditions or warranties. But did you know that carpets come with fine print that is the customers responsibility to read? Take Mohawk residential carpet. To keep that warranty intact you need to have your carpets cleaned at least once every 18mos. by a professional and you need to keep your bill/invoice or receipt as proof.

  The IJCSA Certified Carpet Cleaners know how to keep your carpets looking like new and bring them back from the brink of the landfill. Before you spend thousands on new carpet, talk to a IJCSA Certified Carpet Cleaner and let them assess your carpet. Sure you can save money in the short run, and slightly extend the life of your carpets. But having a professional clean your carpet will greatly extend the life of your carpets, basically paying for it's self. You would be surprised at what they can do.


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