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How to implement medical cleaning practices into other residential and commercial cleaning situations.

21 Jun 2022 12:38 AM | Robert&Tammy Harris

  Everywhere we go there are germs, viruses and bacteria, some dangerous. That's why in the medical field they use a very structured protocol to properly clean and disinfect, and for good reason. As we have seen with COVID-19, viruses, bacteria and germs can quickly and easily spread. We also see this with the Norovirus and the Influenza virus. According to the CDC a person with the Norovirus (stomach flu) can shed billions of Norovirus particles. And it only takes a few virus particles to make you sick.

  Just like the healthcare industry, there are steps we can all take to limit our exposure to these germs, viruses and bacteria. Whether it is a commercial or residential space the use of these practices such as flipping your rag to a clean side frequently, don't use rags from one space or room in another. This will prevent cross contamination. Clean and disinfect high touch surfaces daily, i.e. door handles, light switches, faucet handles, phones, microwave door handles, refrigerator handles, etc. These are high touch surfaces for residential, but would also apply to commercial. Both residential and commercial spaces have more high touch surfaces than what's listed. Walk through your space and make a list and ask yourself how often does that surface get touched. PPE or personal protective equipment is something also used by healthcare professionals to protect themselves from the dangerous germs, viruses and bacteria. Some of these practices that we can use is gloves, face mask, safety glasses and gowns. This may seem over the top especially in residential, but if you agitate something like sheets you can cause virus particles to go airborne. 

  Disinfectant too plays an important part of keeping us protected from the dangers of viruses, germs and bacteria. The disinfectant should be listed on the EPA- N list, and and be effective against COVID-19. The EPAs list of approved disinfectants is available to view on their website. However we should all be careful with hospital grade disinfectants. They should always be used as a last resort in non- medical cleaning. Viruses, germs and bacteria can become resistant to these disinfectants over time. Once you have found a disinfectant of choice, be sure to read the label carefully and be sure to allow your surfaces to remain wet for the dwell time that is required.

  By changing a few simple things in our cleaning methods we can reduce the spread of germs, viruses and bacteria. Not only in our homes and businesses, but in the community as well. This greatly improves the livelyhood of the senior community and people with compromised immune systems.

  The Companies in the JANITORIAL SERVICES DIRECTORY know how to implement these practices into your setting.


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