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Key advantages in hiring a residential cleaner that has passed the IJCSA RCS Certification!

28 Jun 2022 10:37 PM | William Green

There are many advantages in hiring a residential cleaner that has passed the IJCSA RCS Certification. One being that IJCSA residential cleaners have extensive background in chemical processing and safety. RCS members understand the dangers of chemicals used incorrectly. We also understand the importance of obtaining and keeping multiple SDS's on hand.

Another advantage would be the fact that the cleaner has taken the IJCSA RCS class show that the cleaner is always willing to be better. We all make mistakes in this world but the ability to want to be better, not til you get it right but until you can no longer get it wrong, is what set IJCSA members apart from other residential cleaning companies. It is imperative that we be the become better each and every day for our customers. 

Consistency is another great advantage of hiring an IJCSA RCS member is because they understand the needs and the wants of the customer when it comes to effectiveness.  IJCSA RCS members understand the in's and out's of using the correct methods of getting the job done correctly. They understand what it take to make the world a better place and that only comes with a clean world. 

IJCSA RCS members are hard workers. They make sure that even if you are upset with the job that was done that they will come back and make it right. The great thing about hiring IJCSA member that has passed this course is that they would have had to pass the customer service class. Which subsequently comes down to the fact that you will be dealt with the best of service.

They have also passed the mold inspection class. If mold was found on site they could easily, with the right PPE, remove the hazardous organisms. IJCSA RCS are the brightest in the field when it come to residential and if you think I am lying, give me a call and I prove it to you.


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