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Why Is Properly Cleaning Healthcare Facilities So Important?

08 Aug 2022 4:28 PM | Lawrence Ball

 When I think germs, I think in terms of catching a cold/flu or worse. The last thing I want to gain from a visit to my medical provider is an additional illness. When a facility does not have a proper cleaning and disinfection plan in place, the patients are at much higher risk of additional infection, as well as the staff.   For example, my company services an Outpatient Wound Care Center that sees upwards of 100 patients daily who are all being seen for open and active wounds. Without using proper PPE and proper cleaning procedures, myself, staff and patients would be extremely susceptible to daily exposures of bodily fluids, organic matter, infectious diseases and more. 

Cleanliness is important in any professional setting. However, we look to our health care professionals as the subject matter experts therefore we expect universal and/or specific precautions and the confidence of knowing that their facilities are clean and safe from further harm. 


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