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Green Clean Certified!

24 Jun 2022 6:18 PM | Kimberly Rodgers

Before starting my Green Clean journey, I had no clue how harmful some of the cleaners I used were. I knew there were natural products as I use them more often than others. But I had not gotten in depth on Green Cleaning.

I have learned so much about natural vs chemical. For instance, Furniture polish and degreasers contain Kerosene. It can damage lung tissues and dissolve the fatty tissue that surrounds nerve cells. I had never even heard of that!

Natural products like vinegar or lemon juice can be used to make furniture polish. Vinegar is a multi tool for cleaning! It can be used just about everywhere. Vinegar also can just be used paired with water. It makes an amazing glass cleaner!

Using Green Cleaning products is healthier for you and the environment. Now that I am Green Clean Certified, I can now make your home happier and healthier! Look at all the other Green Cleaning companies we have!


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