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What is great customer service in regards to operating a janitorial or cleaning service

15 Jun 2022 7:09 AM | Deleted user

Great customer service in the janitorial or cleaning service business is essential to the growth of the business and educating the customers on the benefits of green cleaning. Customer service is all about providing the security that customers need in knowing that you as their service provider has their best interest. One on one interaction with the customer(s) is very important for the business. This is an opportunity that is granted that allows the company to establish a relationship and allow the customer to know what you have to offer and that you have been educated on the information that you are providing. Being a current business owner of other services, that method has worked best for me and has allowed my business to grow.

In addition to providing exceptional customer service, being IJCSA certified makes the customer service experience even more exceptional. When a cleaning company shows their credentials for a service that they provide, again, it provides that feeling of security that the person(s) is thoroughly educated on the service that they are expected to provide. In speaking of being thorough, if a company offers a website for a potential customer to view, they should be sure to provide all the services that they offer and why they provide the service they provide with credible resources. When rendering any service, it is important to make sure and display to the customer that they are a priority, and you are there to service their needs. Being IJCSA certified is proof that, as a company, the customer is guaranteed premium quality service. Below I am providing a link to a company that I feel, exemplifies what I have described above.

Conscious Cleaning LLC – Professional Commercial Cleaning in Tennessee (                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


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