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"How you plan to implement a carpet cleaning program into your business, or the benefits of having your carpet or rugs cleaned by certified IJCSA members."

19 May 2022 12:31 AM | Anthony Epps

Adding carpet cleaning is to our company definitely going to open up more opportunities for us to serve the public. This certification is going to give us the confidence to provide these services with the knowledge to address the concerns of our customers and future customers. Knowledge of the different carpets that will need to be clean and how to clean them properly, using the right supplies and equipment to get the assignment completed.

This certification with IJCSA will ensure that we are capable to providing these services to the masses. The public can feel very comfortable and relax knowing that Eppsolutely Clean Maintenance & Detailing Services LLC can get the job done correctly. The training was extremely detailed for us to learn and grow within the cleaning industry.


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