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Business advertisement IJCSA Members that consume green cleaning products and friendly reference

18 May 2022 1:08 PM | Deleted user

Let's start by saying Green Cleaning is the way to go! Having the proper advertisement that is informative to the potential customers that your company promotes green cleaning is very helpful in gaining new customers. Due to the varying diseases, terminal and short-term life altering disabilities and more, consumers as such be a driving force to use green cleaning products and promote the benefits of using them. It is also important to include that the use of green cleaning products is much more cost effective than the leading products that contain harmful chemicals. The consumer should also be aware that they still have options when it comes to the different methods of green cleaning like, steam-cleaning (recommended), encapsulation etc. 

A company that displayed the things that I listed, and more is Eqovey ( This company not only promotes green cleaning, but also the benefits of green cleaning, which is critical for a customer to know. The listing of the businesses that they service is also important for the customer to know because they will be knowledgeable of whether that company will be able to assist them. In closing, the information that is listed in under the disinfecting services also provides information of specific chemicals that are not found in the products they use. 

The additional tab that is provided that provides information on how to keep down and possibly help to eliminate germs in the home or areas frequented. The incorporation of business promotion was very smooth and non-transparent for a person that is trying to determine if they should utilize a cleaning company or take a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach.  


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