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How Important are Janitors and Janitorial Staff to our Daily Lives

17 May 2022 3:50 PM | Kaydence McKnight

Janitors are vital aspect of any company's business practices and often do a lot of behind the scenes work that we might not notice. Whether its a school, hospital, corporate office, or retail store, all businesses need a janitor to keep things clean and safe for everyone. With OSHA trained/certified janitors cleaning the grounds, occupants of these businesses and other commercial buildings can go throughout their daily lives with a lower risk of contracting preventable diseases. 

People travel to many different places and buildings throughout the day which results in dirt and germs spreading to a multitude of places and people. This is where janitors come in to solve that issue. Janitors are properly trained to disinfect surfaces and remove bacteria/dirt from high traffic areas. They significantly lower the risk of diseases being spread throughout the public while simultaneously putting their own health at risk by cleaning up all types of potentially infectious substances. Janitors must be greatly appreciated and acknowledged for the selfless work they do everyday.

Without janitors the world would be a very dirty and unhealthy place to live and most businesses wouldn't be able to operate efficiently or at all. They do a myriad of different tasks throughout the day such as emptying garbage cans, cleaning restrooms, sweeping/mopping, dusting, and much more to keep their workplaces clean and healthy for all occupants. So the next time you see a janitor, let them know how important their work is to the public!


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