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The Importance of Cleaning Employees and Staff Knowing About Bloodborne Pathogens

06 Jun 2022 5:41 PM | Deleted user

The importance of the cleaning staff and employees knowing about bloodborne pathogens is due to, the high-level of exposure that they encounter daily. When being exposed to bloodborne pathogens one should have knowledge of the potential dangers that can be encountered if they are exposed. Having knowledge allows the staff to know how to properly handle the laceration or puncture and what necessary precautions need to be taken to prevent a decrease in quality of life. In having knowledge of the steps to be taken after contact is made, the staff can notify the appropriate administrative staff in the event that the exposure of the bloodborne pathogen could affect another staff. Knowing the products that you are handling/using allows you to properly handle the product to ensure safety to self and others. It also helps in determining what products are needed to provide sufficient cleaning to the area that you are going to clean. Proper handling ensures that the people that are going to be housed in the area are too protected from harmful chemicals that were mishandled.


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