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Importance of BloodBorne Pathogens

15 May 2022 11:21 PM | Antwan Covington

The importance of cleaning employees as well as staff knowing about bloodborne pathogens is critical to any business because it provides critical knowledge, the proper PPE, the steps and precautions necessary in case an employee or staff comes in contact with bloodborne pathogens.

A bloodborne pathogen by its definition is a pathogenic microorganism that are present in the human body and can cause disease in humans, having the critical knowledge or training needed whether staff or cleaning employee will deter the negligence and lower the potential accidents including death when handling bloodborne pathogens.

Another benefit in knowing about bloodborne pathogens is the PPE to use when handling and working around bloodborne pathogens there are many different PPE in the market today; however using the correct PPE will not only save time but as well as lives and the health of your organization. 

Bloodborne pathogens are contagious and can be fatal, by having steps in place as well as the necessary precautions to take in case of an emergency is a safeguard to your organization, their families, and the community. 

In short implementing the Universal Precautions when handling as well knowing about bloodborne pathogens should be practiced in every organization, it is our moral responsibility to inform our clients, educate our employees, and train our organizations on bloodborne pathogens in any setting and continue to lead the way in health and safe workplace cleaning practices. 


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