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Being Green Cleaning Certified

18 Apr 2023 12:50 PM | Robert&Tammy Harris

  Pure Green Janitorial is IJCSA Green Cleaning Certified! What does that mean for you? It gives you confidence that when you pay for a green cleaning service you are getting a company that has the knowledge to protect you, your buildings and your occupants, providing you with the best value. Pure Green Janitorial understands the vast benefits of using green cleaning, that's why we only provide green cleaning to our customers. We make it easy for you to make a positive impact on the environment and possibly impress your boss, improve your public image, reduce your footprint, increase your bottom line and more.

  At Pure Green Janitorial we use smart routes to clean facilities using the least amount of gas. We also strive to be a zero landfill company or as close to it as possible. We use cleaning tools and equipment that provide longevity and less chemicals (such as eco floor scrubbers and rags that allow us to clean glass/mirrors with just water). When purchasing cleaning chemicals we consider packaging, third party certification, pollution in manufacturing process (i.e. toxic by products), and can it be 100% recycled once empty.

  Employees are trained to use eco-friendly practices by not overusing chemicals and folding rags to get maximum amount of use, which means fewer loads of laundry, detergent and less water. Employees also have access at each location to a set of clean cards that are specific to each location. These clean cards cover what chemicals to use where along with the proper equipment and procedures for each area. This helps ensure consistent cleaning in case a new or seasoned cleaner forgets something they don't have to guess. It also helps a supervisor or floater that has not been to that account in a while.

  Pure Green Janitorial continuously monitors and updates any and all aspects of our green program when improvements are made to chemicals, equipment, and cleaning practices.

  Pure Green Janitorial will always strive to exceed and redefine the norm.


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