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IJCSA Bloodborne Pathogens

11 May 2022 5:28 PM | Nathan Bush

   As a commercial/industrial/medical janitorial company or crew member. We must assume that we are dealing with life threatening materials/organisms. In order to protect ourselves and others from the spread of these diseases we must take all possible contaminations seriously and make every effort to prevent bloodborne pathogens from entering our or someone else's bodies.

   That is why we must use the proper PPE EVERY time we perform our work. That is safety glasses, mask/respirator, proper gloves, and proper disposal of material is vital. Also, we must not only think of our own protection, but the protection of all others that may come in contact down the line from our initial clean up. That means disposing of materials properly, and containing potential material properly is a must. 

   Making sure that everyone that is employed in your company has full knowledge of these proper techniques from Owner - Supervisor - Hourly Employee is critical. If the information chain is broken, then so is your system and you are responsible and possibly liable for that breakdown or spread of contamination. Remember we are talking about someone's quality of life being affected for performing a job. That is not to be taken lightly. So, remember! How serious the employer takes an issue is how important the employees will take it. Best wishes to all


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