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How Being Green Cleaning Certified Will Benefit Your Company

15 May 2022 6:28 AM | Brian Scott

  Having a Green practice can make your company more marketable. It can also strengthen your brand by being Green clean certified.

  A Green clean certification affirms our dedication to the health of our employees and the facility that our company will clean.

  Here at SHINE BRIGHT CLEANING, our goal of helping our clients is to implement a green cleaning program for the environment and to reduce waste and cleaning more efficiently.

 With the knowledge from IJCSA GREEN CLEANING program our staff will be trained to use chemicals and cleaning equipment properly. We'll also be able to catch and fix potential problems early, taking preventative measures by having regular equipment maintenance and cleaning.

 With a high-performance,energy-efficient cleaning at SHINE BRIGHT CLEANING LLC our staff well be concentrating on high traffic TOUCH Point areas were people frequently come in contact with controlling the spread of germs,disease and properly applying disinfectants.Our Green Cleaning programs will reduce overall cost and improve the use of non-toxic chemicals in a facility.


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