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Cleaning Where Bloodborne Pathogens are Present

20 Jan 2022 12:34 PM | Jabari Abdullah

It is the responsibility of any cleaning company to remove germs and bacteria and protecting our clients from preventable infections.  Implementing OSHA practices for bloodborne pathogens can prevent illness or death by reducing human exposure to diseases such as HIV and HBV. These standards are not only for healthcare employees because blood and other bodily fluids can be found anywhere from offices to residences.

In accordance with the universal precautions established by the CDC we are sure to treat all bodily fluids as potentially infectious. Therefore, it is imperative we wear personal protective gear such gloves, googles and masks while cleaning.   We are cautious, not for only our employees' safety but also for anyone else that may come in contact with that specific area. The appropriate products are used to disinfect, any hazardous materials are properly disposed of and thorough hand washing follows all cleans.

We are dedicated to educating our employees on the importance of safe practices to protect ourselves and clients from the spread of potentially fatal illnesses.  


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