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Precautions against Bloodborne infections in Shelters

09 Feb 2022 8:25 AM | Deleted user

There is no overemphasis on the need to keep a well uptodate precautionary measure against Bloodborne infections. Though today's health challenge is against the Covid-19 pandemic, Bloodborne infections are still plaquing lives. Being considered as microorganisms pathogenic in nature and present in human blood susceptible to causing infections.  With the number of homeless and overcrowding the few existing shelters in my city. i got interested in learning more about bloodborne pathogen control. There are reportedly high cases of addictions, fights and blood spills on the scenes, toilets and hallways. Cleaning should be done by well trained personnel applying universal precautionary measures. This is to ensure personnel and other users onsite from contaminations of bloodborne diseases like hepatitis B virus and HIV.  After this training i certify to be proficient in my practice in the cleaning business.   


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