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Replacing Harsh Chemical with Greener Alternatives

03 Jan 2022 5:56 PM | Richard Porter

Environmental concerns are prevent in today's society. As science and research have advanced, we have learned of the dangers of many substances. Lead used to be in paint and many other products. We now know its harmful. It's the same with many cleaning products.

We used to use many caustic and acidic agents to clean different surfaces. Lye was one such chemical. Contact with skin caused instant burns. Even everyday bleach, if not used properly, can be extremely dangerous to health. It can also damage wood cabinets, stain upholstery and carpets, and produce harmful vapor if mixed with ammonia containing products.

We have moved away from these types of agents in favor of natural, or new chemicals that are not nearly as problematic. Our disinfectant, chlorine dioxide, is one such agent. In high concentrations it could be dangerous, but it is against Federal law to sell products at that concentration.

The concentration used at our company is so gentle you can wash your hands in it. We use it in foggers and ectrostatic sprayers. Respiratory protection isn't required but we like to be as safe as possible. It can even be used directly on upholstery and carpets without staining. It can be used on pet bedding and children's play areas.

The chemical is a disinfectant, sanitizer, stain remover, mold and mildew remover/inhibitor, and removes allergens from the home. It's extremely versatile and breaks down to harmless table salt after being applied and exposed to the environment. We continually search for greener alternative but what we use meets all our needs as well as protects our customers and the environment.


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