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Benefits of Being a Green Cleaning Service

03 Feb 2022 3:24 PM | Richard Porter

There are many benefits to being a green cleaning company. Being listed in the IJCSA Green Cleaning Directory is just one benefit. This allows like-minded consumers to find, and verify that our company provides a green cleaning  alternative to more traditional, and harsher, chemicals. This provides our company with exposure to a whole new and expanded customer base.

Being listed in the Green Cleaning Directory adds value to already invaluable membership, and helps get our environmentally sound service advertised to the people. 

Providing green services, instead of traditionally harsh chemicals and bleaches, not only protects the environment; it provides you with a new marketing tool. Many people are concerned with the harsh effects of chemicals. This is compounded when the chemicals are introduced into the home and can effect pets and children. These are the main reasons we insisted on maintaining an IJCSA Green Cleaning Certification

Alleviating customer concerns helps ensure a satisfied customer and repeat business. While we all went into business to make money, we all agree that we only want to provide the safest and most environmentally sound services to our consumers.

By staying Green we ensure that we do our part to further reduce the introduction of harsh chemicals into the environment. Our environmentally sound service helps  to ensure the safety of the environment as well as those you care about most. If you care about the environment, and would like to hire someone who shares the same concerns, please take the time to ensure you hire an IJCSA Certified Green Cleaning Company.


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