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Knowing About Bloodborne Pathogens

26 Nov 2021 8:48 PM | Jermain Felton

I find safe to say that it is extremely important that all employees and cleaning staff know about Bloodborne Pathogens. Microorganisms such as; HBV, HCV, and HIV can be found in Bloodborne Pathogens. Without proper training or knowing about Bloodborne Pathogens, how would employees or staff members react to a harmful or potentially deadly situation? Probably in an uneducated or dangerous way. 

Also, when employees and staff undergo training it brings clarity to the workplace. Just knowing that all personnel has taken the time to learn what Bloodborne Pathogens are and how to wash their hands properly before and after disinfecting a contaminated area creates a safe working environment for everyone.

Getting the proper training and knowing about all the hazards within your work environment should never be compromise. Little things like compacting garbage with your hands can expose you to Bloodborne Pathogens if you get cut or poked by a sharp and I think it's important for employees and staff to know these things.


Jermain Felton


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