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How Important Are Janitors & Janitorial Staff To Our Daily Lives

19 Nov 2021 1:07 PM | Terry Strong

The work of janitors and custodians is extremely important in today’s society, especially during this pandemic. Janitorial work allows people to safely use public spaces such as restrooms and lobbies. Janitors and custodians work in different places; they clean your  office, hotels, resorts, and public spaces  etc. 

  •  it is important  that Janitors and custodians have the  SKILLS to properly clean something. These people properly maintain a clean area with enough knowledge and expertise in handling equipment and chemicals. 
  • They provide a sustainable environment for everyone. In an establishment, janitors and custodians keep employees in a productive state. 
  • Keeps an area clean and safe for everyone living or using the area. With their expertise and knowledge, they maintain cleanliness and a healthy environment. They use cleaning products and equipment to reduce or eliminate germs and bacteria's.


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