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Implementing medical cleaning into residential & commercial cleaning.

29 Nov 2021 9:34 AM | Deleted user

     Implementing medical cleaning into residential & commercial cleaning would be by taking the same precautions steps you would take in medical cleaning about being exposed to blood-borne pathogens, and other harmful germs. As well as using the proper PPE always when cleaning areas in either residential and commercial areas. 
     Since now we know the risks of not being careful when cleaning residential and commercial areas we could contract or come in contact with Blood borne pathogens and harmful germs that may harm our self and other employees in the place you’re cleaning you can also cause cross contamination.
     Another thing we can implement in residential and commercial cleaning is reminding the cleaners to disinfect all tools they use, after cleaning area to avoid cross contaminated from one place to another when going to another home or business to clean
   Also another thing we can implement is use of proper cleaning chemicals to kill the bacterias and viruses that can be found in residential homes and commercial business facilities to help lessen the cross contamination from indirect contact to direct contact .

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