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Bloodborne Pathogen Training & Coronavirus

31 Jan 2023 4:22 PM | Robert&Tammy Harris

   Among the many pathogens that can be spread through blood, HIV, HBV, and HCV are the most common.  Other pathogens include but are not limited to Ebola and other Hemorrhagic fevers, Syphillis and Brucellosis.

   It is important for all company staff to know and understand bloodborne pathogens, exposure protocol, along with symptoms of pathogens that can be easily spread.  

   Janitorial staff have a greater risk of direct exposure to these pathogens.  Especially for those that work in medical or where hazardous waste, sharps, etc. are present.  These janitorial staff members can then potentially infect those at the office and public.  Office personnel can then potentially spread these pathogens to other co-workers and the public.  These are only some reasons why Bloodborne pathogens shouldn't be taken lightly. If exposure occurs the exposure control plan should be followed. The exposure control plan should be updated once a year or when OSHA makes any changes.

   Proper ongoing training can prevent and eliminate direct and indirect infections, creating a safer and healthier environment.  This training can also reduce or eliminate workers compensation claims as well as any potential lawsuits. 

   Businesses using janitorial companies that are properly trained and certified, such as IJCSA certification courses, can be assured that they are using a knowledgeable, consistent and professional company. Some businesses may prefer or be required to use a certified company. In either case being member of IJCSA puts you one step ahead of your competition.


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