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Bloodborne Pathogens Knowledge

09 Nov 2021 3:02 PM | Melissa Wolfe

Having knowledge in bloodborne pathogens is very crucial.  It's very important to educate your employees on the hazards and the handling procedures. If the waste is not disposed of properly people can get injured, sick, and even die.   

Educating your employees is important because you can not afford to have injured and sick people.  It will cost in many ways, for instance lack of help, loss of business and insurance premiums increases.  If your employees are out sick it will require you to work or hire other people.  If business are not cleaned properly and bloodborne pathogens are not properly cleaned you will lose business. Lastly if you are always filing claims on your insurance because you have injured employees your insurance increases. It is definitely worth spending the extra money for the classes to prevent everything mentioned.

IJCSA offers a great class to inform employees on procedures and importance of handling carefully.  There are many diseases that can happen if not handled appropriately as in HBV and HIV. My company will offer classes to all my employees on the importance of handling all Bloodborne Pathogens.


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