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The importance of cleaning employees & staff knowing about bloodborne pathogens

10 Jan 2022 8:36 PM | Anonymous

Bloodborne pathogens are pathogenic organisms in human blood that causes diseases. These pathogens cause life threatening illness that may lead to death. Employees should be educated on the risks and proper procedures if they ever come in contact with blood or other bodily fluids.

The pathogens are undetectable by the naked eye. Therefore, the CDC and OSHA have a required approach called "Universal Protection." This means all blood and bodily fluids should be treated as if they contain these infectious pathogens. Doing so ensures that the number of contact accidents are limited.

Employees should be educated on OSHA guidelines to keep themselves, their co-workers, and their families safe from infectious diseases. If an employees job requires them to come in contact with potentially infectious materials they should be educated on these guideline at least 10 days before the job and given HBV vaccine to further protect them. Taking these guidelines seriously will simultaneously save lives and the prosperity of my business.


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