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Dealing with Bloodborne Pathogens

24 Sep 2021 10:03 PM | Gustavo Espinosa

First of all taking the Bloodborne Pathogen issue seriously is of outmost importance. We need to train ourselves and our employees on all the dangers of dealing with this type of issue in any work place. When you are cleaning any area especially bathrooms, it is a must that you are trained and have the knowledge of dealing with any Bloodborne Pathogen as to keep yourself and others safe.

Any one coming in contact with a Bloodborne Pathogen has the capability of becoming infected to a degree of serious illness and even death. So I can’t express the importance enough of letting your employees know what to do when coming into contact with any bodily fluids. We tend not to think that anything will happen if we use bleach while cleaning any area, but it is a much more complex issue than that.

Also must have a clear and swift plan of action for all your employees for any potential exposure to these pathogens. There has to be a protocol for such circumstances that must be known and followed by all up and down the chain of employee-employer relationships. Make sure that all MSDS’s are readily available at all facilities and proper training is done with all employees.


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