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How You Can Implement Medical Cleaning Practices Into Other Residential & Commercial Cleaning Situations

12 Nov 2021 8:07 AM | Deleted user

The way we are going to implement medical cleaning into our business always starts with training. If we don't know what we are doing we can't do the proper job. That meant getting the IJCSA certification first. This gave us the foundation to be able to properly do the job. After we have the training next we need to make sure we are using the right tools.

With the IJCSA training we are taught what chemicals and equipment to use. Therefore we can go online and buy the best possible tools and products to do the job.

With the correct tools we will be able to use the proper techniques learned in the IJCSA training course. We will know what to use and the purpose of those products.

Something else that should be known is that we can use the medical training techniques anywhere that we clean. This is because there is the possibility that there is germs or viruses anywhere. There is also the chance of us getting into contact with a bloodborne pathogens. This means that we should treat every cleaning situation the same way that we would treat a medical cleaning situation. This means being attentive and intentional about everything that we do.

Being aware of germs and viruses keeps everyone safe. Our job as a cleaning company is to remove those germs, dirt, and viruses. If we have the proper training then we can know we are doing it the right way. A clean space is a healthy space. In these current times health is a primary concern for a lot of people and we can help with that goal by doing the best possible sanitation services. Cleanliness is the main factor that determines whether or not people get viruses from germs and therefore we have to treat every situation as a medical situation.


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