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Bloodborne pathogens for cleaning staff

06 Jun 2024 11:08 PM | Herbert Simmons

In this line of work it is always safety first, never knowing what you may encounter. The cleaning business in the middle of what is to be considered the worst Pandemic ever to hit the world. Simply changing out a trash bag without the proper protection (gloves and glasses) could cause you to get a cut from some glass or needle or even com in contact with some unknown fluid(s).

I require all of my employees to take this course and I pay for it, they say knowledge is power and I aim high. Something as simple as cleaning a surface(s) with a sharp edge which is invisible to the naked eye, without the proper gear could end fatal. 

More importantly, knowing the correct chemicals that is  OSHA approved to kill pathogens such as but not limited to, HBV or HIV. Having the proper protective  gear, with the approved products for disinfecting and sanitizing will always produce satisfied customers.


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