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To Mask or Not to Mask? CDC's Mixed Messages During the Pandemic

25 Jan 2023 9:23 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

To Mask or Not to Mask? CDC's Mixed Messages During the PandemiC

The three years of the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the United States’ scant public health infrastructure. The federal system’s flaws have been on display, with inconsistent guidelines and lawsuits between federal, state and local governments, all aided by a media environment that is deeply divided by tribalism. The Center for Strategic and International Studies recently put forward a report titled Building the CDC the Country Needs with recommendations for modernizing the agency, but the report is hardly the final word.

How to breathe easier while wearing a protective mask | Folio

On Wednesday's podcast, GovExec Daily’s Adam Butler and Ross Gianfortune discussed what the CDC pandemic response has been and how it could have been executed more effectively.

More at source: Government Executive

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