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  • 27 Nov 2021 12:10 PM | Cody Kayser

    Cleaning in the medical field, you tend to follow best practices when it comes to standard and enhanced infection control. Following these precautions keeps the cleaner safe, the staff safe and the patients safe.

    When it comes to cleaning a residential, or non-medical commercial location; we should implement standard precautions to keep ourselves safe and our clients safe. The cleaner, in any environment,  should wash their hands, don personal protective equipment, and treat surfaces as though they are contaminated with potentially infectious pathogens.

    In a medical setting, there may be signs present that warn the cleaner of the dangers associated with coming into contact with potentially infectious pathogens. In a residential or other non-medical commercial location, these warnings are not always present. Cleaners need to take precautions to keep themselves safe and healthy, no matter what environment they are in.

    When cleaning residential and non-medical commercial buildings: cleaning staff should always wash their hands, wear appropriate PPE and should consider using a hospital grade disinfectant cleaner to protect everyone from pathogens that may be contained within the environment.

    To find a certified company through the IJCSA, search the service directory at:

    Cody Kayser

  • 27 Nov 2021 11:27 AM | Robert&Tammy Harris

       Among the many pathogens that can be spread through blood, HIV, HBV, and HCV are the most common.  Other pathogens include but are not limited to Ebola and other Hemorrhagic fevers, Syphillis and Brucellosis.

       It is important for all company staff to know and understand bloodborne pathogens, exposure protocol, along with symptoms of pathogens that can be easily spread.  

       Janitorial staff have a greater risk of direct exposure to these pathogens.  Especially for those that work in medical or where hazardous waste, sharps, etc. are present.  These janitorial staff members can then potentially infect those at the office and public.  Office personnel can then potentially spread these pathogens to other co-workers and the public.  These are only some reasons why Bloodborne pathogens shouldn't be taken lightly. If exposure occurs the exposure control plan should be followed. The exposure control plan should be updated once a year or when OSHA makes any changes.

       Proper ongoing training can prevent and eliminate direct and indirect infections, creating a safer and healthier environment.  This training can also reduce or eliminate workers compensation claims as well as any potential lawsuits. 

       Businesses using janitorial companies that are properly trained and certified, such as IJCSA certification courses, can be assured that they are using a knowledgeable, consistent and professional company. Some businesses may prefer or be required to use a certified company. In either case being member of IJCSA puts you one step ahead of your competition.

  • 27 Nov 2021 9:13 AM | Martha Wilson

    As time goes on, our scientist's are always discovering new things as we evolve as humans, and as the world around us changes. With these new discoveries, we are seeing virus's and bacteria evolve in such a rate that its almost hard to keep up. We have to continue to evolve as well to stay a step ahead of these virus's and bacteria's. 

    Our home is our safe place, its where we create all these beautiful memories with our families, and for some of us, we maintain it in such a way that it can be passed down from generation to generation. However, sometimes living our lives to the fullest doesn't always leave a lot of time for other things like cleaning our homes the way we would like it to be cleaned. 

    Thankfully, IJCSA offers a certification titled Residential Cleaning Specialist Certification, RCS Certification for short, that teaches those who are able to obtain it, how to properly clean your home. It is imperative that you look for a company or a individual that has this certification if you want the best of the best.

    This certification means that the person or company that will be cleaning your home is up to date on the latest news and chemicals. They are also trained on how to professionally clean your home from top to bottom so you can worry less about that and worry more about spending time with your family. 

    IJCSA holds themselves at a very high level of professionalism and cleaning standards. They make sure that all of those who has their certifications share the same standards. From washing down your baseboards without removing the paint to polishing your great grandmothers wooded desk while keeping it intact. No one ever wants to come home to an antique heirloom ruined because the wrong products were used to clean it. Save yourself some time and stress and hire someone with a IJCSA REC Certification


  • 27 Nov 2021 7:27 AM | Garrett Carnes

    Bloodborne pathogens are pathogenic microorganisms that are present in human blood and can cause disease in humans. It is important for any employee and staff member to have knowledge about bloodborne pathogens, because knowing how to handle them can make a difference between life and death. 

    Most exposure occurs when the pathogen comes in contact with the employees mucus membranes, through nose or mouth, cuts or abrasions, etc. The CDC created a "Universal precautions" approach, essentially stating that blood and certain bodily fluids from ALL patients should be considered potentially infectious, so all precautions must be taken to always protect yourself from bloodborne pathogens. 

    Alternative color coding and labeling can help all employees know that compliance with Universal Precautions is required. Always wear protective gear, to keep yourself safe from pathogens, as needles may be present. Always thoroughly wash hands to help prevent infection and spread of disease. OSHA requires that a control plan must be in place at any location where bloodborne pathogens may be present. 

  • 27 Nov 2021 7:06 AM | Kerrice Riley

    Greater Importance of cleaning employees and staff knowing about bloodborne pathogens are for safety and handling measures. Employees should how prevent an accident and if they are exposed what are the safety measures they should be taken.

    BloodBorne pathogens can be located on used needle, dirty sheets or vomiting. Being exposed to them may cause severe health risk. In a Hospital or Medical facility, you will be handling certain with disposal contaminated with blood pathogen. Knowledge of handling these disposal lessen the risk of any unsafe measures.

    With the COVID pandemic, This a primary example of knowing the preventative measure. Safety is not just prevention, it also knowing in case you are exposed and knowing the correct safety procedure to handle this incident to reduce cross contamination, along with proper reporting. 

  • 26 Nov 2021 8:48 PM | Jermain Felton

    I find safe to say that it is extremely important that all employees and cleaning staff know about Bloodborne Pathogens. Microorganisms such as; HBV, HCV, and HIV can be found in Bloodborne Pathogens. Without proper training or knowing about Bloodborne Pathogens, how would employees or staff members react to a harmful or potentially deadly situation? Probably in an uneducated or dangerous way. 

    Also, when employees and staff undergo training it brings clarity to the workplace. Just knowing that all personnel has taken the time to learn what Bloodborne Pathogens are and how to wash their hands properly before and after disinfecting a contaminated area creates a safe working environment for everyone.

    Getting the proper training and knowing about all the hazards within your work environment should never be compromise. Little things like compacting garbage with your hands can expose you to Bloodborne Pathogens if you get cut or poked by a sharp and I think it's important for employees and staff to know these things.


    Jermain Felton

  • 26 Nov 2021 7:35 PM | Joshua Ray

    Bloodborne pathogens pose a serious and significant health risk to anyone who comes into contact with them. Everyone should understand the risks associated with the cleaning and/or disposing of contaminated surfaces, articles of clothing, linens, and cleaning tools. This is most true for employees or workers that frequently come into contact with them. Training should be available to every employee and mandatory for anyone at risk. 

     Bloodborne pathogens like HIV and hepatitis B do not only exist within blood. They can exist within saliva, vomit, urine, and other bodily fluids. Proper procedures should always be followed when coming into contact with any suspecting bodily fluid. The best way to avoid exposure is to ensure you're wearing proper PPE or personal protective equipment and following the osha guidelines.

     Proper education for all cleaning workers is the 1st step in protecting them and your business. The availability of proper fitting personal protective gear is a must. Masks, gloves, safety goggles, and at times full tyvek suits can, and should be worn depending on the situation. Education and protection are vital in keeping your work force safe and productive while keeping your clients satisfied. 

  • 26 Nov 2021 6:22 PM | Jessica Stancato

    In cleaning it is extremely important that all staff understand the importance of bloodborne pathogens. Blood, vomit, saliva, and needlesticks can expose employees to bloodborne pathogens. Employees should assume that all fluids are exposing them.

    It is important that the appropriate disinfectant is used to clean up fluids, and that everything used in decontamination needs to be properly disposed and cleaned.

    HBV and HIV are very dangerous and preventing exposure is critical for cleaning staff that are exposed. 

  • 26 Nov 2021 5:28 PM | Keith Brown

    In todays world thousands of janitorial services are hard at work trying to curb the spread of Covid-19. We at EDA have been in the deep cleaning and biohazard remediation industry for thirty years and find that more and more clients are looking for Green solutions in trying to disinfect their spaces at work and at home.

    By implementing an array of Seventh generation products out of Vermont we have increased sales and brought on more clients that are satisfied and happy to use our services.

  • 26 Nov 2021 1:12 PM | Erica Winder

    Win Services operates in the South Florida coast. We are specialists in vacation home rental cleaning. We are committed to the balance of the social, economic and environmental dimensions, offering the best living conditions for the current and future generations. We looked for the best company to certify and found Finding A Green Cleaning Service, where we found a committed and responsible partnership. You can also bring this benefit to your company by accessing:

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