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  • 18 Mar 2023 1:31 PM | Benjamin Lewis

    Medical cleaning practices can be used in the practice of cleaning everyday items such as bathrooms and trash cans.  How many people spit into trash cans?  This makes a potentially hazardous material that you could come into contact with.  Think of CoViD19 and the potential for it to spread.

    Now wearing PPE and a mask makes more sense in your day to day actives.  Not using gloves and a mask isn't such a big deal.  Now keeping hands washed and gloves on seems much more valuable.  Unfortunately the risk has always been this high, we are just now taking it seriously.

    Using Medical Cleaning Practices in our day to day activities in the only way we are going to get back to a normal life.  Stores must implement new policies and procedures to deal with this silent enemy that is upon us.

    I plan to use TwinOxide brand Chlorine Dioxide, a hospital grade disinfectant to use in residential applications.  Studies show it can kill pathogens in air at a concentration around 0.05 ppm or less.  This means we can bring the same level of disinfection you expect at the ER operating room, right into the home.  There is no reason these procedures wouldn't work to help reduce the spread of harmful pathogens that may cause disease.

  • 18 Mar 2023 12:46 PM | Lawrence Ball

    Most medical cleaning practices can be used in almost any other application. There are designated levels of cleaning and disinfecting that set a MINIMUM standard for different types of facilities and/or properties. Although a residential property may require a lower level of protection against infectious diseases in comparison to a medical facility, execution is just as important.

    Most homes may not have much foot traffic or many visitors on a daily basis creating a lower level of risk. However, rental properties such as Air Bnb’s are becoming more and more popular throughout resulting in a much higher amount of people passing in and out of the homes at a much higher capacity regularly. This increases the risk of infection dramatically and increases the demand for a higher level of protection than normal.

    Another example would be use of PPE. In a medical setting, the proper PPE is required always, while a residential or retail setting may not have the same requirements.

    As good practice, it is recommended that items such as gloves and protective eyewear be worn during ANY cleaning or disinfecting to reduce risk of harm, infection, and/or cross-contamination.

    To find Professional and certified companies like High-Speed Solutions in your area, click here!

  • 18 Mar 2023 11:53 AM | Jessica Beranek

    The values in medical cleaning can be practically applied to the residential cleaning sector with many great advantages. When working around client's restrooms and other personal spaces, there are many high touch surfaces that one can come into contact with that can carry many germs and bacterias.

    The use of PPE is an excellent addition to any residential cleaning company.  Protection of cleaners and preventing cross contamination is one of the assets to using PPE. Using gloves while working in a client's house not only prevents a cleaner from picking up germs, but helps prevent them spread to other areas and other houses.

    The proper use of correct disinfectants on high touch surfaces is also a necessity to prevent germs and bacteria from spreading. In Short Term Rentals, we are also preventing the spread of infection from any bacteria or germs from the previous group of renters to the incoming group of renters.  It is essential that all vital areas be properly disinfected.

    Unfortunately, bacteria and viruses are all unseen to the eye, yet harmful and can carry the potential to be extremely damaging, or even deadly in some scenarios.  By properly educating your employees on how to sanitize and use PPE, they can both protect themselves as well as prevent the spread of pathogens.  Find a qualified cleaning company that embraces all these qualities here: International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association - Janitorial Services Directory (

  • 18 Mar 2023 10:28 AM | Precious Austin

     Since we entered the COVID 19 pandemic, more cleaning businesses have implemented steps in staying safe as well as keeping their customers safe. Using green cleaning products is important for your business. Before servicing my residential clients I ask them are there any cleaning products they are allergic too. I am very careful which stores I purchase my cleaning items. I usually purchase environmentally items online stores that sell only organically green products. Once I started replacing chemical cleaners with green cleaners my business started to thrive. More and more customers were pleased with the smell which wasn't harmful to them and their pets. I now use essential oils mixed in with my solutions. I train my employees to use green cleaners. I teach my team appropriate cleaning procedures. Training includes issues relating to chemical and equipment safety. This is the first thing commercial businesses ask what type of products do you use. Sometimes that will determine if they want your service or not. It's all about introducing the right policies and procedures on how to clean for health and the environment.

  • 18 Mar 2023 9:36 AM | Anthony Epps

    When it comes to cleaning healthcare facilities, know-how and what to use to properly clean the hospital and maintain a clean environment for the patient and staff. For cleaning company to clean a hospital, they should be certification in cleaning and healthcare location. OSHA has set up good practices to follow.

    Following the polices from OSHA can ensure the cleaning services is properly being used. PPE use can help prevent cross containment. Cleaning to top to bottom and clockwise cleaning a room. Disinfection solution to wipe down hard surfaces and soft surfaces. Gloves should be changed every three-patient room. Washing hands is important to reduce the risk of diseases, such as HBV, HCV, HIV. 

    For more information on this topic Janitorial Service Directory.  In addition to practices the CDC guidelines for are healthcare environments. Medical cleaning certification is essential in the upkeep of a clean hospital.

  • 17 Mar 2023 9:01 PM | Joseph Albergo

    Bloodborne pathogens can be extremely infectious to humans and can cause some serious, permanent damage in some cases. Preventing yourself and the general public from exposure to these pathogens should be a top priority, especially to all those people in the cleaning industry.

     As a commercial cleaner and housekeeper, exposure to these pathogens may not cross ones mind very often, if at all; but in reality the presence and exposure of these pathogens may be more likely than you think. Dentist's offices, doctor's offices, schools and other places that may house needles or bodily fluids may contain traces of these sometimes life threatening micro-organisms.

    If one is employed as a cleaner or owns a cleaning business, being educated in bloodborne pathogens, implementing universal precautions, and protective practices can literally be life saving. For housekeepers and cleaners, especially with medical clients, not only is this knowledge important, it's their responsibility and duty.

  • 17 Mar 2023 7:47 PM | Robert Johnson

    I believe after taking bloodborne pathogen certification course is probably the most important course one could take. Infectious bloodborne pathogens could strike anywhere anytime, and knowing the risks, dangers, precautions to take, and how to handle oneself when faced with a situation, is a matter of life and death. In the career field of a Janitorial worker or cleaning crew, it is a must to know. It is like playing Russian roulette with ones life to cleanup bodily fluids and not know the dangers of infectious pathogens.

    To give a little background on bloodborne pathogens and the risks that come with it. Infectious Bloodborne pathogens are very tiny microorganisms found in blood. These pathogens can cause incurable disease such as HIV, HBV, and HCV. once you contract such disease your chances of death are extremely high. HIV or Humane Immunodeficiency is a disease that can soon bring on AIDS. It breaks down your immune system to the point you cant even fight off a common cold. These disease once you contract one is not curable. The best one can do is make your life as comfortable as possible until the disease finally wins.

    Fortunately there are precautions and guidelines you can follow that will greatly reduce your chances of ever contracting a infectious bloodborne pathogen. Osha has set up many rules, guidelines, and steps to take. Universal precaution is one that we must treat all bodily fluids as infectious. How we handle taking out the trash, or what steps to take when cleaning up bodily fluids are just a few of the precautions we must follow. Not knowing these can be a death sentence to a cleaning or janitorial worker. Important to know this material is a understatement when it comes to bloodborne pathogens. 

  • 17 Mar 2023 7:09 PM | Antwan Covington

    No matter the type of facility whether its medical offices, warehouses, or buildings even residential homes, it will always be expected to be free of dirt, dust, and disease. However, would the cleaning procedure be very much different when it comes to medical and commercial or even residential? Although the cleaning supplies or tools vary from space to space you can implement medical cleaning practices into any practice when it comes to cleaning because the initial goal when it comes to performing any cleaning services is to establish a healthier environment, a presentable appearance, and a consistently clean facility.

    Having a healthier environment in an office setting, medical facility, or industrial building will never be an option; quite frankly it is a necessity; and cleaning services work to limit the risk of contracting or spreading diseases and infections. The outcome of this is patients, employees, staff, are less likely to contract a disease or infection; From offices to hospital chains to public buildings professional cleaning services are hired to create a healthy environment that meets the standards or exceeds them.

    From a tidy office, medical facility, or residential home cleaning having a more presentable appearance is essential.  For a medical facility it contributes to patients’ satisfaction of service, an office or business it helps to improve the office or business reputation, and for residential homes it provides comfort for the family and loved ones, as well as guest who visit the home. 

    With COVID-19 and many other infectious diseases having a consistently clean medical facility, office, or home is key to keep patients, employees, and families healthy. To achieve this, you need to hire a cleaning company that has parameters in place as well as quality control measures that can consistently clean your facility. Having this in place will prevent the spread of contagious disease as well as a healthier environment that consistently cleaned. 


  • 17 Mar 2023 5:24 PM | Victor Collins

    Bloodborne pathogens have been apart of human society since the beginning of time, however I believe now more than ever, knowledge and protocol should be emphasized.  With the world becoming exposed to Covid-19, the handling of these life threatening viruses and diseases could be the difference between another pandemic.

    Being aware about the dangers of bloodborne pathogens could solve a huge portion of contamination's and accidents.  Many people are simply unaware of the risks and therefore do not understand the dangers.  By informing employees who are high risk, accidents can be avoided and could be the difference between life and death.

    Cleaning employees are the unsung heroes! It is important for cleaning employees to understand the risk when dealing with bloodborne pathogens as we are the first line of defense in containing and dealing with potentially life threatening pathogens.  Being well versed in proper clean up and disposal could be the difference between accidentally exposing a family member by improperly disposing of gloves or contaminated work clothes.  

  • 17 Mar 2023 3:05 PM | Jair Pineros

    Healthcare facilities required special steps and procedures to clean and disinfect due to the high risk of contamination from harmful pathogens such as germs, bacteria, and viruses. How can we implement the same procedures to other areas of janitorial services? And how can we be the fore front against the spreading of diseases from these microorganisms?

    Medical cleaning training procedures are effective in high risk areas where germs and viruses are present. The use of PPE and appropriate cleaning and disinfecting techniques are very important to avoid direct or indirect contact with pathogens. The same procedures could be utilize for residential and commercial cleaning to achieve better results for your own company and customers.

    Cleaning methods use in health care facilities can be apply in residential cleaning. For instance, high touch areas should be disinfected in the same manner medical institutions do, as well as bathrooms and kitchen. When it comes to commercial cleaning, the same procedures for health care facilities should be use. In commercial settings high traffic areas like floors and carpets should be disinfected in a daily basis. Items like phones, computers key boards, hand rails and door knobs are a breeding ground for viruses.

    Protecting our environment wheatear is home or business from harmful pathogens is essential for a good standard of living. Cleaning and disinfecting is a good habit and should always be exercised in a daily basis. As of right now, with the recent covid-19 pandemic we are aware of how important disinfecting is and how keeping a good habit of cleanliness have a positive impact in our lives.       

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