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  • 22 Sep 2022 6:20 PM | Guadalupe Gomez

        The primary benefit of Bloodborne Pathogens Training is for the health and safety of your employees.  Any custodial staff that handles sharp bins, biohazard waste, or potentially contaminated objects should know how to protect themselves against - what to do in case of exposure.  Furthermore It is for this reason any employee at risk to exposure to blood and other infectious substances be required to be Bloodborne Pathogen Certified. This Bloodborne Pathogens Certification training ensures your cleaning employees are Qualified to work in this specialized environment.  

         There is four main methods of contacting Bloodborne Pathogens.

    1.  Direct Contact- when infected fluids from one individual enters another individuals body.

    2.  Indirect Contact- happens when infected fluids from a person contaminates a surface or items that another individual will have to interact with.  

    3.  Respiratory Droplet Transmission- when an individual inhales contaminated body fluids from an infected person, for example through infected individuals breath, cough, or by sneezing around you. - Covid

    4.  Vector-Borne Transmission-  when an individuals skin is perforated by an infected source, such as getting a bite from a mosquito carrying malaria.

         It is for these reasons your employees will benefit from the training of Bloodborne Pathogens and they will be able to learn how to minimize the risk of infection against all these transmission methods.


  • 22 Sep 2022 5:04 PM | Robert&Tammy Harris

      Ready to see the difference an IJCSA Green Cleaning Certified Company can make in your space?  If you are reading this then you probably are.  Wouldn't it be nice to find a cleaning company that can walk the walk and not just talk the talk? You can click on the link to find your IJCSA Green Cleaning Certified Company near you. If not please continue reading to see why you should.

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      Put your mind at ease with an IJCSA Green Cleaning Certified Company. Our members understand you might be overwhelmed by the information out there. They can help you make sense of it all and answer all of your questions. You will be confident you made the right choice.

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  • 22 Sep 2022 1:18 PM | Guadalupe Gomez

         Our everyday lives have been effected on a global scale with the COVID 19 PANDEMIC as we are forced to wearing masks and carrying hand sanitizer in order to protect ourselves and others from this worldwide PANDEMIC.  It is for this reason that it is important for us to implement MEDICAL CLEANING PRACTICES in the residential and commercial cleaning because it will highly improve our success in reducing or eliminating the spread of germs or viruses.  

         Implementing Medical Cleaning Practices into residential and commercial cleaning situations is a must because of the high level cleaning standards that are used in Medical Cleaning Facilities.  The benefits are huge by following these high level cleaning standards.  First there will be less employees missing work due to illness which in turn causes them to miss less sick days.  Second Individuals and families will be less infected by germs and viruses.  Third Mankind as a whole will be more protected as spread of germs and viruses are greatly reduced.

         Clearly we can see that Medical Cleaning Practices are a good Standard to use when planning cleaning services for residential and commercial cleaning situations.  Especially in this COVID-19 PANDEMIC, we need to be prepared with every customer engagement that there could have been a COVID-19 exposure.  It is critical that we understand that Medical Cleaning Practices will help us to enter a residential or commercial cleaning project with confidence and with a fighting chance. 

         In Medical Cleaning using Personal Protective Equipment is critical.  With this in mind it is important that we understand what were walking into cause this will determine the level of PPE that we will need.  In turn we need to communicate with the customer when we do a pre-job walk through to understand the current conditions and if there are any additional precautions we will need to take when we clean.   

        For a Certified Medical Cleaning Company in your area go to:             JanitorialServices

  • 22 Sep 2022 12:09 PM | Estrada

    Yes the hype surrounding COVID is justified as so many people have passed, now as professionals we have the opportunity to make an impact, not just for the moment but in general.

    Bloodborne pathogens are inside every part of us and may develop and we need to learn how to deal with those in a safe, professional manner.

  • 22 Sep 2022 9:16 AM | Leon Williams

    Bloodborne pathogens are microorganisms present in human blood and bodily fluids that can lead to dangerous diseases in those who come into contact with them. Types of bloodborne pathogens include: HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C. 

    Those in the cleaning field are especially at risk for coming into contact with bloodborne pathogens since they may be tasked with cleaning up and sanitizing areas where bodily fluids were present. 

    OSHA (The Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has created industry standards which help employers and employees create a plan to remain safe on the job. By understanding the dangers of bloodborne pathogens and adhering to OSHA guidelines, employees can decrease their risk of exposure and do their jobs safely and effectively.

  • 22 Sep 2022 7:21 AM | Dora Valencia

    As we all know, all of the sudden the changes has forced themselves upon us,  we must adjust and make changes in order to stay on top and move on. 

    The whole meaning of clean has totally changed for good, so for me as janitor doing house cleaning, Coronavirus has forced me to take the concept of cleaning to the next level, so now it's not longer about general cleaning but is also much more disinfection. People want it and are demanding it, and I'm glad to provide a professional service that will help keep everyone safe. 

    They said with every crisis there comes an opportunity, not that I wanted it this way to happen, but it is here and somebody has to do the cleaning properly, --that's why I'm with IJCSA taking this highly accredited certification  


  • 21 Sep 2022 6:42 PM | Elaine Watson

    There are many 'key' advantages of hiring a IJCSA Certified Residential Cleaning Specialist.

    The IJCSA RCS will be professional and effectively trained in many areas of residential cleaning.

    The RCS will understand chemicals.  Chemicals as bleach, multi-purpose cleaner, wood oils and cleaners, stainless steel cleaner, disinfectants, enzyme products, window and glass cleaners, scouring powders, and oven cleaners will be used properly by RCS.  Additionally RCS will have reviewed all safety data sheets on above chemicals.

    The RCS will have a skill set.  He or she will perform cleaning tasks using professional techniques.  Such as beds made with hospital corners, carpets groomed in uniform, left to right, top to bottom cleaning and dusting techniques and professional sanitizing methods.

    Last your RCS will have 'safety skills'.  Full knowledge of proper use of step ladder, vacuums, cleaning cloths, mops, dusters, etc.

    These very specific skills and techniques along with chemical knowledge ensure IJCSA RCS is the only choice!

  • 21 Sep 2022 5:33 PM | Elaine Watson

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  • 21 Sep 2022 4:14 PM | Mike Kocher

    The first thing important about janitorial staff is making you business clean, neat and customer ready. Nobody wants to walk into a dirty gross business: 

    In this era of Covid 19, it is also important to make sure your business is not only clean, but sterilized as well. Having a trained staff is extremely important. One who has been trained to keep things safe.

    Janitorial staff can be the unsung heroes of any business. How many times have you gone in a store or office to see gross bathrooms or waiting areas. Let us keep your customers feeling clean and safe. 

    To find a service company check out the vendor link here.

  • 21 Sep 2022 1:55 PM | Marcus Gray

    In my current job (Maintenance - Janitorial/Custodial), I find that having knowledge of a lot of things can be tedious, but working with bodily fluids, even blood, to be essential to protect myself and others.

    Wearing PPE is a must, as well as being able to use disinfectants and antiseptics. My job requires all employees to learn about bloodborne pathogens to make sure everyone is safe, and it's constantly reported, as we don't want someone getting something like HBV, HCV, or HIV.

    I find it extremely important, not just only as a safety precaution for myself, but my partner as well as they are immunocompromised, but so that way they protect themselves as well, and we can determine what happened. Without such, the spread of certain things would potentially be much greater and could cause harm outside of our workplace.

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