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  • 16 Mar 2023 12:17 PM | Vivian Martin

    These past couple of years have been difficult for us all as you well know first hand. Our happy go lucky worlds were turned upside down by a virus that we basically knew nothing about except for the similar symptoms and the rising death rate of our population! It was extremely scary and some of us lost loved ones along the way and will forever have to be reminded of the horrible sickness that rocked our world. For me this is personal, so I truly understand the importance of implementing medical cleaning practices in residential and commercial situations.

    When we clean a medical facility we follow strict guidelines, use specific cleaning chemicals, wear PPE, and sign off on daily reports to ensure the cleaning was completed properly. We should put every residential or commercial cleaning job in the same category with medical cleaning to ensure the safety of the employees and residents of those structures. 

    Just as with medical "Universal Precautions" while in a healthcare facility, we should also follow this same recommendation in ALL residential and commercial buildings. Treating ALL residents and employees of these structures to be considered potentially infectious and precautions need to be taken to minimize the risk of exposure. You never know what someone is going through in their private lives, so just because we are not in a healthcare environment does not mean we do not need to follow certain cleaning methods to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. 

    How can we implement the same cleaning standards in other structures that we use in healthcare facilities? By following same Health and Safety procedures that are required in medical spaces. Some of these precautions should include but are not limited to, washing hands before and after each location, wear proper cleaning PPE such as latex gloves and goggles, never compress trash manually, use the proper disinfectants and sanitizers for the area you are cleaning, handle laundry cautiously, make sure you clean the high touch surfaces, and always put on new latex gloves when starting a new job. 

    I am so happy that I found the IJCSA web page, Doing the certifications and being a member of I can confidently do my job and feel that I am helping my clients to the best of my ability.

  • 16 Mar 2023 10:23 AM | Alyssa Croft

    When you hire a cleaning person or company that has completed the IJCSA RCS Certification, you know you are hiring someone who has the knowledge and understanding of the business. They have spent hours studying and taking tests. They have the "want to" motivation to want to better their skills and learn all there is to know about the cleaning business world. 

    Hiring a cleaner or cleaning company who has passed the IJCSA RCS certification means they know about how cleaners are suppose to be used and if are unsure of anything, to look it up in the safety data sheets. They also know how to reach ph levels of cleaners and that each cleaners is used differently based on that. 

    A cleaner or company who has passed the IJCSA RCS Certification knows how to properly clean a home and the process in it. They know that you do not just walk in and begin cleaning without a good system. They understand there are do's and don't for each and every client and not all are the same. They respect each client and their homes.

    Hiring a cleaner or cleaning company who has passed the IJCSA RCS Certification has a different motivation when it comes to their business or work ethics. They have studied for hours and took numerous tests to prove they love what they do. That they are willing to go the extra mile to ensure they are able to complete each and every job 100% satisfactory. 

    Hiring a cleaner or cleaning company who has passed the IJCSA RCS Certification course has many benefits. They are knowledgeable, respectful, proud, trustworthy and the certification is proof of that. If a cleaner or company is willing to go through rigorous hours of studying and testing, they're definitely more than willing to put the time, effort and professionalism they learned and passed the certification.. into making sure every home they clean, is done 100% satisfactorily.

  • 16 Mar 2023 7:41 AM | Javier Velez

    Cleaning Services should focus on making the right impression (sanitizing and disinfecting was accomplished effectively in the workplace (hospital settings) residence or business).The goal is to protect the population both workers and occupants alike from harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses that cause illness and disease.

    One of the most important implemented cleaning practices is using and caring for the right equipment for your tasks in cleaning.Whether it's in healthcare, residential or commercial areas of course you will need the essentials:

    Mop and bucket, dustpan and brush, caddy or a cart, large and small bags, .

    PPE (personal protective equipment) gloves ,masks, eye protection,.

    All of these are the basics and most common in any place be it hospital, residential or commercial. The more a place has to do with hygeine stricter rules and practices have to take place. Germs and bacteria are sought out more effectively in hospitals by use of UV lighting in the dark to find and get rid of. Samples are taken to measure how much bacteria and germs are in areas.

    Proper tool and use of equipment is needed for good medical cleaning practices and

     1)implementation of rules against exposure(***Exposure Control Plan), and against

    2)***Bloodborne pathogens ----

    look up the definitions for these and be sure to look up  the Janitorial Cleaning Directory for info on where to find Cleaning equipment and PPE.


  • 15 Mar 2023 8:09 PM | Anthony Epps

    The roles of janitorial & custodians are extremely important to upkeep buildings, schools, medical facilities, churches, and much more. Janitors are the reason why people are able to go into a bathroom or building or breakroom and it is smelling and looking clean.  Janitorial services is something that can never be overlooked. The White House as a Janitor, who cleans and keeps the oval office very tidy and clean. Janitors have to be trained and learn proper steps to cleaning a variety of locations within the facility.

    Janitors keep the location spotless and clean for the next day and or shift for oncoming staff who work at the location.  There is many perks in hiring an janitor to maintain the building functions , such the cafeteria, restroom, breakroom, gym, locker room, and so much more. Floor maintenance for stripping, waxing, buffing the floors(VCT) when needed. 

    Training janitors properly and continuous training can improve the janitor's ability to get the job done and have great productivity during their shift. The biggest concern would a dirty and unsanitary environment for people to be in. Especially during these times of uncertainly about COVID-19 and it being noticed that it's on the raise again.  Its very important to have janitors working and trained to serve the public at the highest level . 

    Janitors keep everything organized and tidy, helps others mental health. A individual walks into a dirty locations and makes people take caution due to the look and smell of the location. Versus that same individual walking into other part of the building which is properly clean and tidy puts people in great mental state and good. No janitor and see how your locations look after one week. Janitors are vital to keep the environment clean and organized , which is needed more than ever.

  • 15 Mar 2023 4:11 PM | Joseph Albergo

    Medical cleaning practices are some of the best in the cleaning field. These practices are responsible for saving countless lives when followed and for killing over 99,000 people a year according to the CDC's 2003 Guidelines for environmental Infection Control in Healthcare Facilities, when not followed. Medical Cleaning is a lot more methodical and time consuming and is not required or necessary for every job. Nevertheless the mixture of these practices can greatly improve the effectiveness of a regular cleaning schedule. 

    I personally apply some of these cleaning procedures and practices in to my business alongside many others businesses, some of which can be found at the Janitorial Service Directory Knowing step by step protocols greatly increases my business capabilities in solving cleaning related problems. Some examples include universal precautions and protective practices that are used when encountering anything that has to do with blood. This helps to ensure the safety of my employees and employees working in the building.

    Medical practices has also helped my company to better utilize proper sanitizers or disinfectants depending on what the situation calls for. Some examples are using CaviCide surface disinfectant and decontaminate when blood is present and lower level sanitizers when food is present or used in the area. Knowing the exact tool for the job greatly reduces time assessing a situation.

    Implementing healthcare standards of cleaning alongside regular cleaning can be extremely beneficial when it comes to the health and well being of the public. Many cleaners without this knowledge may inadvertently cause harm to others from lack of information. Being able to properly incorporate these practices is sure to differentiate one's business from the competition and shows just how much one cares for their customers.

  • 15 Mar 2023 3:58 PM | Michael Tosha Smith

    Bloodborne pathogens are infectious microorganisms in human blood that can cause diease in humans. These pathogens include Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV. 

    In order to reduce or eleminate the hazards of occupatoinal exposure to bloodborn pathogens. An employer must implement an exposure control plan for the work site. The plan must describe how an employer will use engineering and work practice controls, personal protective clothing and equipment, employee training, vaccinations, and requirements by OSHA bloodborne pathogens standards.

    It is important for employer and employee to know OSHA information on bloodborne pathogens and how to contain them. This information can save a life and keep pathogens from spreading or being able to enter people blood stream through the nose, mouth, mucus membrane, cuts or tears in the skin.

  • 15 Mar 2023 3:40 PM | Joseph Albergo

    Healthcare facilities are some of the best places for curing certain ailments but can sometimes become the cause of these ailments themselves. Without the proper precaution's and in depth cleaning, these facilities can become more of a problem than a solution.

    The importance of cleaning healthcare facilities is astronomically important to the well being of staff and patients. Following universal precautions with blood and proper cleaning protocols is a necessity. These healthcare facilities have meticulous protocols for every specific cleaning and situation that can occur in the healthcare facility. These protocols must be followed to ensure the best results possible when dealing with these issues.

    Many of these protocols and instructions can be found at the Janitorial Service Directory Being able to thoroughly study and learn about these instructions on the IJCSA website is incredibly valuable. The more people become knowledgeable in these cleaning standards and protocols the more lives will be saved from improper decisions made my cleaners and healthcare staff.

  • 15 Mar 2023 3:01 PM | Angela Haskins

    Cleanliness is one of the most important virtues.  Janitors play a huge part in our daily lives by providing a healthy environment by minimizing and preventing the spread of pathogens, improving the air quality and maintaining a pleasing aesthetic. Keeping all spaces clean, organized and hygienic is why the work of a janitor is so vital to all business communities. 

    Janitorial work allows the community to use restrooms, walk around freely and enjoy their stay without negative thoughts about the establishment being dirty. It allows are kids to be in a safe place without any exposure to pathogens or viruses. When you are running a business, your employees are your greatest asset. No one wants to work in a dirty or disorganized office space. We all know that success in the business world is often predicated on first impressions. That's why janitors and custodians are so vital to all of us. 

    The use of janitorial services is on the rise. According to a study that was published in 2019 states that the global market for janitorial services reached 252.79 billion and is expected to continue to grow. Cleanliness defines a person's refinement. It brings in people some sense of respectability and moral superiority. It plays a major role in establishing values of culture in respect to cultural imperialism and social class. 

    In conclusion if we have a clean life, then we can actually lead a healthy life which can be achieved only by understanding its important. That is why it is so important to have janitors in our daily lives.

    Find Professional Certified Janitorial Companies Here 

  • 15 Mar 2023 11:13 AM | Guadalupe Gomez

        The primary benefit of Bloodborne Pathogens Training is for the health and safety of your employees.  Any custodial staff that handles sharp bins, biohazard waste, or potentially contaminated objects should know how to protect themselves against - what to do in case of exposure.  Furthermore It is for this reason any employee at risk to exposure to blood and other infectious substances be required to be Bloodborne Pathogen Certified. This Bloodborne Pathogens Certification training ensures your cleaning employees are Qualified to work in this specialized environment.  

         There is four main methods of contacting Bloodborne Pathogens.

    1.  Direct Contact- when infected fluids from one individual enters another individuals body.

    2.  Indirect Contact- happens when infected fluids from a person contaminates a surface or items that another individual will have to interact with.  

    3.  Respiratory Droplet Transmission- when an individual inhales contaminated body fluids from an infected person, for example through infected individuals breath, cough, or by sneezing around you. - Covid

    4.  Vector-Borne Transmission-  when an individuals skin is perforated by an infected source, such as getting a bite from a mosquito carrying malaria.

         It is for these reasons your employees will benefit from the training of Bloodborne Pathogens and they will be able to learn how to minimize the risk of infection against all these transmission methods.


  • 15 Mar 2023 10:21 AM | Anonymous member

    Properly cleaning healthcare facilities is extremely important. A healthcare facility is generally a place where people who are sick or have a health problem go to be treated and with that it is essential to properly clean the facility to avoid patients from getting sick. Viruses, bacteria’s and other pathogens are going to enter the facility and disinfecting/cleaning everything correctly can eliminate those pathogens. Healthcare associated infections can make a patient sicker that what they first went into the hospital.

    Hospitals are supposed to be one of the cleanest places but in the other hand it also contains a lot of germs from people who are going in sick. In a hospital there is always people who are touching everything from doorknobs to light switches and if this is not properly clean daily the germs and viruses can become a problem.  Proper training will help identify high traffic areas and with that proper cleaning/disinfecting techniques.

    Having a trained cleaning crew will be of great benefit it will give you a peace of mind knowing that your crew have the knowledge to clean efficiently a healthcare facility.  IJCSA is a great association that offers trainings and with that you can be certain that you get a great cleaning company. Check out to find a certified company.

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