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  • 26 Nov 2021 10:40 AM | Cody Kayser

    The proper cleaning of healthcare facilities is important for many reasons. Proper cleaning of healthcare facilities primarily prevents pathogens from infecting the cleaner themselves, the staff that work at the facility and the patients that they care for. Improper cleaning practices could cause the spread of contagious illnesses and chronic disease.  

    By practicing the standards of infection control and following OSHAs precautions for bloodborne pathogens, the cleaner is taking an active role in keeping themselves and everyone else coming into contact with all surfaces within the environment safe and healthy. To find a cleaning company that meets certification standards, search the IJCSA service directory at:

    Cody Jay Kayser

  • 26 Nov 2021 9:24 AM | ROBIN CAMPANELLA

    Learning on how to handle bloodborne pathogens

    Handling  labeled material's and disposal, also taking precautions on cleaning & disposal.  Handle contaminated laundry cautiously.  Laundry bags need to be  properly labeled color coded containers  if they are being transferred to another facility this also includes gloves and equipment.  Always wear protective equipment , never manually compress trash.  Never eat, drink or smoke or use any type of lip balm in areas that there could possibly be blood borne pathogen exposures.  Avoid spattering or splashing when cleaning up.  Never reuse Towels or Sponges.  Do not bend or recap contaminated needles.  If you think you were exposed to bloodborne pathogens contact your supervisor and or physician and watch for symptoms and when a exposure has happened the (Supervisor)  needs to keep records for 3 years after the exposure.   Have a written control expose plan and this plan needs to be updated at all times, reviewing the plan annually. Always decontaminate surfaces and or areas with disinfectants and always disinfect cleaning equipment and materials

    Always wash your hands properly. 


  • 26 Nov 2021 6:26 AM | Leon Williams

    When a person dies, their body will be taken for final preparations. However, biological fluid, blood, or decomposition is left behind. Many people may think that EMT's or police will remove the biological material, but the job is not their responsibility.

    It can be traumatic for family members to clean up the remains of a loved one, so a vital industry was created to assist them: biohazard cleaners also known as crime scene cleaners.

    This job is not for the weak of stomach. It can be hazardous and undesirable, but for those who stick with it, it can be very lucrative. IJCSA member businesses can do well for themselves by adding this much needed service to their list of services.

  • 25 Nov 2021 10:53 PM | Raymond Francisco

    When cleaning, it is vital to know and understand the proper procedures in how to clean while preventing any accidents to happen or unwanted exposure, hence learning about what to wear, what to use to clean, as well as how to prevent myself from coming in contact with a bloodborne pathogens, followed by what to do if I do come in contact with a bloodborne pathogen can serve as an effective tool for me to use in the future. 

    It also emphasizes on the importance of safely handling garbage, laundry, and medical equipment, all basic things that we can easily come in contact with.  Overall I was pleased with the BP course and feel it it is one that all should know simply to prevent common mistakes from happening in the future 

  • 25 Nov 2021 6:51 PM | Guadalupe Gomez

         Our everyday lives have been effected on a global scale with the COVID 19 PANDEMIC as we are forced to wearing masks and carrying hand sanitizer in order to protect ourselves and others from this worldwide PANDEMIC.  It is for this reason that it is important for us to implement MEDICAL CLEANING PRACTICES in the residential and commercial cleaning because it will highly improve our success in reducing or eliminating the spread of germs or viruses.  

         Implementing Medical Cleaning Practices into residential and commercial cleaning situations is a must because of the high level cleaning standards that are used in Medical Cleaning Facilities.  The benefits are huge by following these high level cleaning standards.  First there will be less employees missing work due to illness which in turn causes them to miss less sick days.  Second Individuals and families will be less infected by germs and viruses.  Third Mankind as a whole will be more protected as spread of germs and viruses are greatly reduced.

         Clearly we can see that Medical Cleaning Practices are a good Standard to use when planning cleaning services for residential and commercial cleaning situations.  Especially in this COVID-19 PANDEMIC, we need to be prepared with every customer engagement that there could have been a COVID-19 exposure.  It is critical that we understand that Medical Cleaning Practices will help us to enter a residential or commercial cleaning project with confidence and with a fighting chance. 

         In Medical Cleaning using Personal Protective Equipment is critical.  With this in mind it is important that we understand what were walking into cause this will determine the level of PPE that we will need.  In turn we need to communicate with the customer when we do a pre-job walk through to understand the current conditions and if there are any additional precautions we will need to take when we clean.   

        For a Certified Medical Cleaning Company in your area go to:             JanitorialServices

  • 25 Nov 2021 3:43 PM | Erica Winder

    Conventional cleaning products often contain petrochemicals, solvents, acidic, caustic or corrosive components. After going down the drain, these elements can and do contaminate aquatic ecosystems, including the animals that live there and that can later be consumed by people. They unbalance the entire ecosystem and generate problems that are irreparable. The damage caused affects all life on the planet.

    In addition, the contact with the conventional products, or with the residues left by them in the environment, can cause allergies in people with greater sensitivity or respiratory problems, such as rhinitis, sinusitis and bronchitis.

    On the other hand, sustainable cleaning products are those that do not harm or minimally impact the environment. They are biodegradable and free from harmful chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES) and linear alkibezene sulfate.

    The use of natural green cleaning cleaning products helps to combat results that negatively impact the health of people and the entire ecosystem of the planet.

  • 25 Nov 2021 8:36 AM | Sharon Bobbett

    Bloodborne Pathogens training is extremely important during this pandemic.  As a business owner, keeping my employees safe is very important to me.  These people are not just employees, they are apart of the Anointed Hands family. 

    The cleaning industry has many different ares such as healthcare, maid service, janitorial service and commercial cleaning.  Each area has its on level of exposure to bloodborne pathogens, bacteria and viruses.  We must protect ourselves as provide the best possible service to our customers.  

    Before we can take care of other we must take care of ourselves by wearing the proper PPE.  Personal Protective Equipment must be worn when you provide each service.  Each time you go into a building, office or  home, you are at risk of bloodborne pathogens and must use precaution and safety at all times.  PPE will minimize exposure to hazards that cause serious workplace injuries and illness.

    Stay healthy so we can continue to provide good quality service to our customers.

  • 25 Nov 2021 7:44 AM | Desta Hailu

    The climate change has complicated our health and safety situation. Our world is highly vulnerable to different natural, man-made and technological environmental hazards. Some of the health and safety hazards could be easily preventable and manageable by changing our behavior and using the health friendly tools to address them. The green cleaning is one of the key solution to mitigate irreparable damage to our bodies, water, air, and ecosystem that comes from the exposure to chemicals and toxins. 

    Green cleaning promotes the avoidance of dangerous ingredients and products like phosphates, chlorine, artificial fragrances and colors, toxic chemicals that Volatile compounds causing respiratory, dermatological and other conditions and harm environment. The main goal of the green cleaning  is to use cleaning solutions and methods that keep us and our environment healthy and free of toxins.

    The green cleaning allows us to meet the compliance with the law and standards of environmental safety and human health. The service creates safe working and living condition to sustain the environmental safety and human health. 

  • 25 Nov 2021 5:14 AM | Leon Williams

    Worksites like hospitals are often havens for germs and the spread of viruses due to the close proximity of workers from one to another. Many workers also come to work sick for fear of taking time off from work. As such, it is important to find ways to reduce the spread of germs in the workplace.

    In addition to everyday exposure to colds and flu viruses, the rise of COVID-19 has added a new concern in the work place. Coughing, sneezing, not washing hands, and touching common objects like door knobs help spread viruses. 

    Sanitizing workplaces can help limit the spread of germs and viruses. With the COVID virus, cleaning businesses like the ones found on can play a huge role in keeping job sites safe. 

    Janitorial and cleaning companies can implement medical cleaning into their list of services by using proper PPE, getting certified in bloodborne pathogens, and recognizing the dangers of viruses in helping hospitals reduce germs and exposure to germs.

  • 25 Nov 2021 4:59 AM | Leon Williams

    Hospitals and other medical facilities like clinics and dental offices are places we go to receive services when we need medical or preventative procedures done. Because there are countless patients seen each day, it is important for these facilities to remain clean.

    Patients in hospitals can have weakened immune systems so it is extremely important that they are not exposed to germs in a hospital that can make them sick. 

    Cleaning businesses like the ones found on specialize in using proper chemicals and PPE to make sure medical facilities are safe from bloodborne pathogens and other germs and viruses.

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