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The Importance of cleaning employees and staff knowing about bloodborne pathogens

06 Jun 2023 6:44 PM | Jason Morgans

Bloodborne pathogens are important to know about, so you don't put your self at risk of disease. Bloodborne pathogens are found in blood/bodily fluid and could easily enter your bloodstream with serious or life-threatening diseases. When exposed to bloodborne pathogens you could get HBV, HCV, and HIV.

Cleaning staff need to know about this for when they train employees and so they could properly take care of staff. Employees need to know about this so they don't get infected and so they are cautious for others.

There are certain protocols you wouldn't know to follow if you didn't learn about how serious bloodborne pathogens are. You have to properly cleanup after exposure of blood/bodily fluids. Such as getting vaccinations, training, cleaning equipement used to clean up blood/bodily fluid, and maintaining proper hygiene. 

In conclusion, it is important for both cleaning staff and employees to know about bloodborne pathogens and how to properly dispose of blood/bodily fluids.


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