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Harmful Effects of Not Using Green Cleaning

23 Sep 2023 1:02 PM | Deleted user

Many people underestimate the harmful effects associated with everyday cleaning products. With all of the marketing backed behind these name brand products one would assume that they're relatively safe. This is the farthest from the truth. Touching or inhaling most of these products is extremely dangerous. 

These dangers are presented as warning on the labels but the marketing of these products gives an illusion of safety. Many companies also greenwash their products. Greenwashing is a deceptive marketing technique used to fool the customer into believing that there product is natural when it's not.

Most products such as oven cleaners, detergents, furniture polish, drain cleaner and all purpose cleaners contain many toxic, hazardous chemicals. All these cleaners can be extremely harmful to anyone using or in the general vicinity. Some negative effects include irritation to skin and eyes, along with respiratory issues. Green cleaning products don't have many of the same downfalls and almost all of the benefits.

The implementation of green cleaning products is important now more than ever. Many cleaning business are now including green cleaning in their repertoire of cleaning services. Some of these said business can be found here Green Cleaning Service Directory. These businesses can work with a customer to create a green cleaning schedule that's safe for the whole family including animals.

Green cleaning is one of the most important things a client or cleaning business should be aware of. The health benefits are insurmountable vs the possible higher cost of the service. Any cleaning business or client should now see the massive benefits in green cleaning and hiring a knowledgeable green cleaning certified service found here at the IJCSA.


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